Is your website desperate for traffic? 
Our methods will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competition

Cutting Edge Methods

We use proven tactics that will drive traffic to your site. The Google algorithm is constantly changing, requiring reliable processes and best practices.


We evaluate and analyze site data to develop data-driven strategies that will bring positive desired results.

Social Media Exposure

Social platforms have given way to new paradigms of communicating with customers. We provide the best path to communicate effectively with the customer base to bring a revolving clientele.


We have implemented effective retargeting mechanisms, which will help increase ROI and bring a constant flow of opportunity to provide value.

Is an SEO expert even necessary?

Alpha SEO is an expert Houston agency that specializes in pushing HIGHLY targeted traffic to your site. Whether you provide a product or local service, e-commerce or brick and mortar, we can get your site to outrank your competition for your market.

Typical Houston Internet Marketers

The costs that have become associated with traditional methods, such as magazine, billboard and TV advertising have become a dark hole of endless budget spending, with no apparent success. But, with digital methods, your message can be tracked, optimized, and dialed in to put a bull's eye on your desired customer or client type. Whether it is from search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email lists or a text/phone campaign, we can fulfill that need.

Starting at $1K/mo, we package our services according to your company needs and desired end results. We specifically use industry best practices that give quantifiable data in growth and ROI.

Our company is a Houston agency that specializes in pushing HIGHLY targeted traffic to your site. Whether you provide a product or local service, e-commerce or brick and mortar, we can get your site to outrank your competition for your market.

Through our assessment piece, we will determine the current keywords that Google is giving you love for, as well as your top three competitors. From there we will give a consultation on the top factors that will quickly impact your search engine optimization metrics in a positive direction.

What is SEO and why does my business need it?

Search engine optimization is uses a unique toolset of skills to increase quantity and quality of traffic coming to your site from engines like Google and Bing.  Let’s say you are selling facemarks for COVID-19. You want your business to turn up on the first page of the results for the keyword COVID facemask, or terms similar to this. This is easier said than done when there are literally thousands of pages trying to rank for the same product. By understanding the algorithm of how these sites are ranked, we can help place your site on the first page for those keywords.

Every business, small or big, needs an Internet presence today. If your business doesn't get up to speed, it is assured to stay behind. Organic search is often an important source of website traffic. So, if you are not on the first page, you are not winning the clicks.  Optimization gives an edge in getting to that first page, because users typically do not go to the second page of search results, which greatly lessens your chance of being seen. 

The approach many entities use when starting is to build a site, stuff it with keywords, and then put it out there to see what happens. In the earlier days of Google this method worked in a lot of cases. But, then Google got smarter and started to penalize sites for this practice. Now, businesses have learned to be smart with their content in making it unique and of value to visiting prospects, because that is what the search engines want to see.

9key reasons why do my business needs SEO

  • It’s a long-term online business strategy
  • Primary source of website traffic SEO builds business trust and loyalty
  • It brings you highly targeted customers for any product or service
  • Brand recognition as an entity in the eyes of the search engine
  • It makes it simple to attract peoples that will convert into clients/customers
  • SEO brings new opportunities for business growth
  • If you’re not on the first page, you’re not winning!
  • SEO best practices are always being updated
  • Understanding SEO helps you understand the buying habits of your potential client

Before hiring an SEO (must read)

A web designer can layout a perfect website that is pleasing to the eye, but SEO consultants focus on the content of the the to make it pleasing to each engine algorithms. Be sure to create a set of online business objectives you want to achieve through search engine optimization, with a desired milestone list.  

Any SEO expert must follow the best practices guidelines laid out by Google and Bing. Before hiring, ask for the following:

  • Testimonials: ask your potential hire for samples of other sites that are ranked on Google 
  • As a consultant, they should be very familiar with the terms and conditions of most search engines
  • The agency must have an in-depth knowledge of other marketing services and how they effect SEO, including but not limited to social media, press releases, and online citation sites

Determining the right agency to handle your site is an essential, so hire an expert who will be transparent with you about your project, so that the process will be beneficial for both parties.


Based in Houston, TX, Alpha SEO Services looks to help position companies in the rankings of their choice on Google. If you are having problems getting exposure on the first page of Google, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity against your competitors.

We have assembled an elite SEO, web designer, and consultant team. Following the cutting edge of the internet marketing industry, we are able to achieve where most find it difficult to gain ground on the web. Results can not be guaranteed, but our success rate is backed by real life data from successful markets.

We can put you in the right position through optimization to crush your market. We would like to give a free site breakdown and diagnosis. Complete our discovery page and we will contact you with your free report!